Access your full wellness potential with Mind-Body Detox.

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Angie King-Nosseir, Functional Medicine-trained Registered Dietitian & Transformative Coach, discusses how you can access your most enlightened state of wellbeing through her gentle, yet powerful 30-Day MindBody Detox. 

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MindBody Detox Program Features

The Mind-Body Detox website contains everything you will need to have a successful mental and physical detox.

Training Modules Released Each Week 

September 27th: Log in and access your Getting Started training and resources. 

October 1st: Our low-pressure prep week begins. 

October 8th: Your Mind Detox Begins! Learn how to detox limiting beliefs and thoughts and make your mind a judgment-free zone. 

October 15th: Begin your Body Detox 7-10 day, SUPER HEALING Gentle Phase this week or weekend. Your Mind Detox continues!

October 22nd: Your Gentle Phase wraps up later in the week. Your TOTALLY Optional 1-4 day Body Detox Deep Phase Can Begin on Friday/on the Weekend and your Mind Detox continues! This week, we'll also discuss how to properly break your detox. 

October 29th: Your MindBody Detox is complete, and now, we explore how to move forward, so that you continue to build vitality and resilience to create your best, most divinely inspired life possible! 

Supportive Resources 

Within each weekly module, you will have a primary training video, along with supportive and meaninful readings, handouts and videos. Don't know the first thing about sprouting to optimize nutritional value of foods? You'll have access to supportive instructional videos. Need more "hands-on" training to understand pH testing and how to interpret it? I've got you covered with a video there, too. Want to explore more deeply, the aspects of self-inquiry and how to wake up to and harness the power of thought? I'll be giving you supportive videos and writings from other spiritual teachers, in order to deepen your experience. 

Private Facebook Forum

Your private Facebook forum will allow you to interact with your fellow Mind-Body Detox members, so you can connect with others who are having this experience with you. Here, you are encouraged to share your revelations, ideas, and resources with one another as much as you want. 

Weekly LIVE Q & A Calls

Each Friday at 12 Noon MST, you'll have the opportunity to jump onto a LIVE group Q & A call with me, in order to receive personalized coaching and guidance. 


You will be able to access your Mind-Body Detox course website, traning modules and resources, all via your smart phone! 

Ability to Personalize

We'll be using pH testing to ensure that you are physically ready to detoxify safely and comfortably. If you're not, no worries. You'll be guided on how to optimize your pH and how to gently coax your body into detox-readiness.  

“MindBody Detox is an amazing, one of a kind, gentle and holistic cleanse. It is so aligned with my intention to create my best self in body, mind and spirit. Thank you, Angie for creating this amazing program!"

Priscilla Benavides- Transformative Coach

Access Your Full Happiness and Wellness Potential through the MindBody Detox.