A 6 Month Quest To Release All That Holds You Back From Manifesting More Abundance, Alignment & Flow

Dear Heart-Centered Healer,

Are you ready to unapologetically become the powerful healer you came here to be?

Are you ready to go beyond your fears and doubts so you can step up and in to the rich and abundant life, a life of freedom and full expression, that your heart yearns for?

If your heart is saying YES...

...then read on because you're in the most awesome place on the internet to make that dream a reality. The truth is, as a healer, you are also a Way Shower.

And Way Showers must always go first.

This means that as a healer of Self and others, you've been given the sacred task of doing your own Work first.

I know you've been on this journey.

That's why I see you as a Heart Warrior.

You're not afraid to do the work.

You're more than willing to face yourself and to heal.

But most of us can't do this all by ourselves.

Most of us have blindspots that keep us stuck in repetitive cycles of fear, doubt and lack.

The reason this happens is because our deepest healing happens in the realm of our own Shadows, the areas we tend to resist, deny and disown the most.

That's why Carl Jung said that "Shadow Work is the path of the Heart Warrior."

Because it takes courage and the willingness to shine a light on all our dark places.

Our own Shadow Work, and the depths we are willing to go, takes our Work and the space we hold for our clients to the next level, like nothing else can.

You also become more magnetic as you own and release all that no longer serves you.

And that's when the floodgates to greater abundance, more impact and deeper transformation fling wide open!

You start to experience more flow, more synchronicity, because you're finally being who you were always meant to be.

You stop living in fear and letting it dictate your life and choices.

You start living from a profound sense of trust in yourself and the Universe, because you've come to a place where you've become unfuckwithable. And that changes everything!

So let me ask you something...

Do you find yourself constantly thinking you should be further along by now?

Wishing you could just be done with certain aspects of your healing process already?

Feeling like you don’t deserve to help others if you’re still struggling?

I get it.

I’ve been where you are. I know what that's like.

And I’m here to lovingly remind you that you’re in the most perfect place for transformation to happen.

Yes, you’ve worked through A LOT already, AND there are still more layers of self-judgment and resistance to shed.

These layers of fears, judgments, and sense of separation from Spirit, are all inviting you into the next level of your Shadow Work - which is also the next level of your greatness!

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels trying to do this all on your own!

You deserve to have someone in your corner who can hold a powerful and safe space for you to do your deepest inner healing work.

And that's why I created...

Heart Warrior Intensive

A 6 Month Quest To Release All That Holds You Back From Manifesting More Abundance, Alignment & Flow

For Soul-Led Healers Who...

- Are here to be a beneficial presence, to live fully, and create your own reality consciously and unapologetically, so you can be the sovereign and abundant healer and True Human you came here to be.

- Are here to create Beauty beyond circumstance and transcend trauma, so you can be a living for permission slip for your clients and the world to do the same.

- Are ready to face down your own fear-based stories about why healing isn’t possible for you and why it might not be possible for your clients, so both your and your clients' healing, expansion, and ascension can accelerate in amazing and unexpected ways!

- Wants to clear the veils of illusion and unresolved trauma, so you can be a hollow bone for Spirit to work through, and so you can hold powerful transformative space for your clients' alchemical processes, in a way that very few practitioners, coaches, and healers these days actually know how to do.

- Are WILLING to breathe through discomfort and SEE things differently, so that healing and miracles-- which are simply a shift in perspective--become the norm in your life and in your clients' lives through the work you do together.

- Are ready to continue your Shadow Work, within a sacred container with a guide you trust, so you can attract clients who are ready to commit to doing their Inner Work with YOU as their trusted guide, at this level of commitment, too.


"What I love most about working with Angie is her ability to functionally work with Body, Mind, and Spirit all together in one session. Part Psychology, Part Somatic Integration, Part Faith Healer, Part Miracle Worker, Part Shamanic Priestess, Part Intuitive Guide... And ALL Heart. So grateful that our paths crossed and I can now cross over and do this work in all the Dimensions.

It's absolutely WORTH the investment! This work, this shadow work, is interwoven with all the layers in every level of life. This is the work of our lifetime, This work heals the Self, the Ancestors, and the Descendants.

I now have this incredible resource to process, integrate, and rise above any of those things that would hinder or cause me to stumble in this precious life that I get to LIVE!!”   

- Diédra H., Minister, Healing Artist, Bodyworker

Make 2021 a Pivotal Year for You…

Experience 6 Transformative Months of:

  • Bi-Weekly Individualized, 60-75 minute Shadow Work & Transformative Spiritual Coaching sessions and between-session support.
  • Quantum Healing before and during sessions via remote energy and prayer work offered by Angie (you need do nothing).
  • Shamanic Tools & Spiritual Technologies: an intuitive, personalized shamanic tool box of power practices and consciousness technologies will be given to you throughout the course of your program.
  • Plant Medicine Preparation and Integration Support: Transformative Spiritual Coaching and Shadow Work with Angie will both prepare you for medicine work and support you through the integration process afterward, if and when you choose to work with plant and other psychedelic and entheogenic medicines, as many healers do.
  • Optional Gut-Liver-Adrenal Re-Patterning Nutrition & Lifestyle Recommendations: take an adrenal quiz and submit your current supplement regimen to Angie, and she will support you with recommendations to optimize your nutrition, self-care, and supplement intake.
  • If you would like more in-depth functional nutrition assessment and counseling, this is a service which can be added to your program.

Ready to do this?

Schedule A Clarity Call Today!

Get on a free call to explore whether this Work with Angie is a good fit, and get a clear vision of the reality you want to create, what’s stopping you from doing so, and how to transcend what’s blocking the full flow of your Heart’s wisdom and expression.

The Work we do together on this call will set the quantum field to start reflecting and manifesting your desires for healing, presence, abundance, alignment, and flow. Expect miracles through the Work that we do together on this call and beyond.

Please ONLY schedule this call if you are truly ready to take your life to a whole new level of freedom, power, and fulfillment!